I have heard horror stories when building, if I could sum up our experience it would be PURE BLISS. We had the friendly guidance of our contractor and salesman all the way through, we were introduced to our head builder the day we commenced, and had already met the contracting staff and our very own interior designer. My partner and I want to build again just so we can go with Bold. I honestly have our builder on speed dial, nothing is ever too much, even down to me deciding on the day of laying tiles that I hated them. He arranged everything to be returned, had me pick the one I really wanted and made it happen.

This was our first time, and everything that I dreamed of was attainable and never too much for the Bold staff. Not only did we upgrade everything, and I mean everything, we also came up 30K less then other builders. I cannot stress enough how perfect my dream house was to build, and I will forever remember the kind words of our builder assuring me that it would be okay. Thank you for our perfect experience.

A and A Fels – Park Ridge